Evaluation of LA Fitness

LA Fitness is a very large health club offering multiple locations with many amenities including racquetball clubs, 4-hoop basketball courts, free weights, cardio equipment, and large, clean restrooms and shower facilities.  The LA Fitness located at the corner of McDowell and Scottsdale Roads in Scottsdale is a perfect example of a typical LA Fitness center. 

I recently had the opportunity to visit the LA Fitness located on the corner of McDowell and Scottsdale Roads in Scottsdale.  The facility appeared to be quite large, with plenty of racquetball courts, 4-hoop basketball courts and a large weight room.  Although the weight room was quite large, it did not look like it was able to accommodate enough users on any particularly busy occasion, as there were quite a few people using the facility during my visit.  Also, the quality of some of the equipment was substandard.  One example of this was the physioballs.  At LA fitness, the balls were of low quality, and were not properly inflated.  Proper inflation, and higher quality standards help insure a proper workout.  In addition to poorer quality equipment like the physioballs, there was not a wide enough assortment of cardio equipment.  A few more stair climbers would go a long way.

Another observation I made while I was there was that for as big as the facility was, the parking lot was not adequately large enough to hold all of the cars that would potentially be there during peak working out hours from 5-8 PM.  Overall, the facility itself seemed like a pretty good place to work out, despite its shortcomings.

On the flip side of that though, if you’re looking for a personal trainer, LA Fitness might not be the best place to do that.  Although the staff and trainers were all very friendly during my visit, I would rate the trainers as very low quality trainers.  It appeared as if they hire just about anybody off the streets that walk through their front doors looking for a job as a trainer.

I observed several “trainers” training their clients like they were professional bodybuilders.  These “trainers”, with their uneducated, unprofessional methods are not qualified to accurately, functionally, and effectively train clients with any degree of success.  To begin with these “trainers” only see their clients for half hour sessions, whereas I see my clients for at least one hour per session.  Also, most of the “trainers” I observed appear to have very little professional training, and education on how to effectively train a client.  The certification process to become a personal trainer is not extraordinarily difficult to obtain, and is not regulated by the health department or other such agencies. You will find, unlike these minimally certified trainers, I offer to my clients’ knowledge and experience.  This knowledge and experience comes from my numerous certifications and professional endorsements as well as my continuing study and edification in the fields of health and fitness.

 These LA Fitness “trainers” “knowledge” of training appears to come from what they have learned, simply by pumping weights themselves; with no knowledge of anatomy and how muscles and muscle groups actually work.  I observed these “trainers” not even being able to simply set up clients with exercises that help keep proper posture and form.  I even observed one “trainer” misinforming a client that a pec-deck exercise could specifically target his inner chest muscles.  This trainer obviously is not aware of how muscles work, and simply does not know that muscle groups fire all together, not individually.

So, if the uncertified, untrained, six dollar an hour, LA Fitness “trainer” is what you are looking for in a personal trainer, by all means, sign up at LA Fitness.  However, if you are looking for a certified, educated, professional trainer, then i’m the professional for you.  Sure, I may be a bit more expensive, but I guarantee you will get results because of my professional training, education, certifications, and years of experience.