One of the most important facets of working out is allowing your body to recover in between workouts.  The following tips will help your body to recover properly between workouts.

It is very important to receive the proper amount of sleep every day.  Also, it is extremely important to stay and remain adequately hydrated.  Of course, proper diet and meal choices help for recovery as well.  Proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats have a significant impact on the recovery of the body after working out.

There are many different recovery rates for individuals, and not everyone will recover as quickly as others.  One factor that affects recovery rates is an individual’s age.  Older individuals tend to recover more slowly than younger individuals.  Gender affects recovery rates as well.  Women tend to recover slower than men due to differences in the endocrine systems of the female body compared to the male body.  Also, individuals that are in better overall physical condition tend to recover quicker than individuals who are less physically active.  This quicker recovery in the more active individuals is related to a quicker physiological adaptation to a training stimulus.  Other factors that affect recovery time can include time differences, altitude, weather conditions, and other environmental influences.