What to Look For In a Trainer 

So you’re looking for a personal trainer.  There are many of them out there so how do you choose one?  Well, ask yourself and your potential trainer some of the following questions before you decide.  Is the trainer certified by a nationally recognized organization such as the American Council on Exercise, International Sports Science Association, The American College of Sports Medicine, or the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America?  All professional trainers must pass a series of tests in order to receive proper certification to be a trainer.  What is the trainer’s experience level as a professional trainer?  Is your potential trainer certified in first aid and CPR?  Can your potential trainer provide you with a list of references to contact for additional information?  Will your potential trainer keep a detailed record of your workouts, and stay informed of your continued medical history?  If you are injured or have other health related issues, will your trainer communicate with your doctor and/or physical therapist?  Does your potential trainer have liability insurance in the rare case that you are injured during a workout?  Is there a cancellation policy once you have signed up with a trainer?  What are the trainer’s fees?  Is the potential trainer willing to work within your budget or reduce session fees for a long-term commitment?  Do you like your potential trainer (good interpersonal chemistry goes a long way for an effective workout)?    Are you confident in the potential trainers skills and services?  How clear is your potential trainer on providing education and clear instructions on how to properly perform specific exercises, routines, etc.?  Does the potential trainer have a written contract or business policy available for review?  What happens if you decide to end a contract early? 

Scott carefully considers all of these concerns in preparing for each and every one of his clients. Scott takes the time to address each and every one of these aspects and how they influence his relationship with you and your goals.  These are the things you should look at carefully when it comes to hiring a personal trainer.