Scott White

Scott White is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer who is sought out by top clients around the world; he has trained models, athletes, and professionals and consulted with many others to help them achieve maximal results. Scott is an Optimal Performance Exercise Kinesiologist whose credentials include a BS in Kinesiology from Arizona State University and International Sports Science Association certification.

Scott’s training experience began at the Reikes Center for Human Performance in Menlo Park, California in 1998 when he worked as a specialist in speed training and enhancing athletic performance. That inaugural fitness job increased his knowledge about strength and conditioning, as well as specialized performance program design (increasing athletic performance).

From the Reikes Center, he went on to work for 24-Hour Fitness where he earned certifications in nutrition and personal training. Scott has worked at 24 Hour Fitness locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale, AZ as a personal trainer and nutritionist. While working as a personal trainer for 24-Hour Fitness, Scott designed programs for fat loss and increased muscle mass. As a personal trainer, he also worked with clients who had disabilities such as physical injuries, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, emphysema, missing limbs, as well as many others.

In Los Angeles, Scott also worked at VERT, a private studio for professional and Olympic athletes, specializing in high-speed isokinetic equipment that gives athletes the edge at speed training without momentum or stress on the joints.

Scott has modeled professionally and worked with many fitness models in his career as a professional trainer. Since 1998, Scott has been offering expert fitness training and providing nutritional guidance for optimal results to elite clients, including:

l       Producers of major motion pictures, and primetime TV shows

l       Directors of major motion pictures, and primetime TV shows

l       Top actors from hot TV shows and major films

l       Stuntmen from Pirates of the Caribbean and other motion pictures

l       Major agents for models and actors

l       Olympic medal winners

l       Professional football players from the Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers

l       Collegiate football players from UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Oregon, and other major universities around the nation

l       Top soccer professionals

l       Professional elite boxers and the top female boxer in the world

l       Top-ranked professional beach volleyball players

l       World-class surfers

l       World Series all-stars and some of baseball’s greats

l       NBA and WNBA players, as well as professional basketball players from abroad

l       Collegiate athletes in tennis, track, basketball, wrestling, football, gymnastics, and golf

l       Professional and amateur golfers to improve their game, power and flexibility to hit the ball with greater speed and accuracy

l       World-class ultimate fighters and cage fighters

In addition to training this extensive list of elite clients, Scott also has helped many fitness models, actors and actresses prepare for upcoming photo shoots and starring roles. The top fitness models Scott has trained have appeared in all the major fitness and bodybuilding magazines. Scott himself has been featured as a fitness model in national magazines.

Besides being a fitness model, Scott White is an educator who has been lecturing and advising elite athletes and fitness models for years. Many of Scott’s modeling clients have achieved huge success, some receiving 6-figure contracts from major magazines and publications, as well as landing film and commercial gigs in the fitness arena. Scott’s thorough fitness and nutrition knowledge, coupled with his inside secrets, enable him to constantly produce results for his fitness models. Agents, producers and photographers continually approach Scott for referrals to new fitness industry talent for their commercial, film, and print magazine work.

Scott has consulted with other personal trainers, fitness models, celebrities, stuntmen, and elite athletes about their nutrition and training programs, helping all of them refine their skills to quickly and efficiently achieve the maximal results that keep them at the top of their game. He works with top business professionals to help them reach an amazing level of health and vitality. His holistic approach to fitness, health, and nutrition produces unbelievable fitness results that enable his clients to maximize success beyond just the physical, but in every area of their lives. Although Scott trains his clients for improved athletic performance as it relates to power, speed, agility, strength, balance, energy, and all other forms of physical conditioning, they also seek him out for his great skill and knowledge in the area of personal motivation.

Scott stays at the top of the fitness knowledge game by continually attending seminars and reading all the latest information (books, Internet, magazines, journals) on fitness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, health, and nutrition. Scott is an active health, fitness, and nutrition expert — he is not a dinosaur who learned the basics years ago but hasn’t personally been in the fitness game for ages. Scott’s commitment to his continuing education ensures that all his clients have access to the most up-to-date techniques and strategies that will help them achieve maximum success.

Personal Power Training's philosophy is to obtain optimal success in all areas of health, nutrition, fitness, personal training and emotional well being.


l       BS in Kinesiology, Arizona State University, 2002

l      Certified with the International Sports Science Association in Personal Training and Performance Nutrition, registered with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, CPR, and First Aid certified.

l       Presently the owner/operator of his own private fitness studio, Personal Power Training

l       Scottsdale Community College Faculty in Health and Exercise Science and Personal Training Dept.

l   Guest Lecturer at Arizona State University in the Kinesiology Dept.

l   International Speaker Presenter: Asia Spa and Wellness Summit, Fitness Fest, Mcbiz, Shared Vision, and others.

l   Board of Advisors for My Weight World

Past Accomplishments:

l      Performance Director at Intencity — a performance enhancement facility in Irvine, California,

l       Head Trainer at VERT

l       Head Supervising Personal Trainer with 24-Hour Fitness

l    Human Performance Specialist for the Reikes Center 


s         BS in Kinesiology, Arizona State University, 2002


s         CHEK Practitioner through the Chek Institute

s         CHEK-certified in:

§         Program Design

§         Swiss Ball Training Course plus 65cm Swiss Ball

§        Advanced Training for Swiss ball for Rehabilitation

§         Equal But not the same: Consideration for Training Females Video's

§         Scientific Core Conditioning

§        Dynamic Medicine Ball Training

§         Scientific Back Training

s         CPR and First Aid

s         I.S.S.A Certified Personal Trainer

s         I.S.S.A Certified Sports Performance Nutritionist

s Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor Level II (CMTA)

s         National Strength and Conditioning Association

s Certified Hypnotherapist

s NLP Master Practitioner