What Is A Training Session With Scott Like?

So, you may be wondering, what is a typical training session with Scott like?  The answer to that question is simple; there is nothing typical about a training session with Scott!  Every workout is specifically tailored to each and every individual client’s goals and needs.  Scott takes the time to plan and schedule what will be included in a day’s workout for all of his clients.  The individual will not know what to expect from their workout, other than the fact that it will be an hour long session comprised of stretching, weight pumping, plyometric exercises, and/or cardio-vascular exercises.  Scott has hundreds of different exercises and techniques that he has learned over the years to help his clients attain their goals.  Through his professional schooling and certifications, and his experiences competing in body building competitions, Scott brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to all of his client’s workout sessions. 


In addition to the rigorous hour-long training session you will have, Scott gives advice on nutrition and healthy living during the training session.  Always tough, but always in a positive, productive way, Scott will motivate, support, reinforce, and even aggravate, individuals at times in order to help them reach their fitness goals.  But, when it has all said and done, Scott successfully helps each and every one of his clients to attain their goals.  These goals are reached through determination and intensity on the part of Scott and the client!  Scott is also masterful at informing, educating, and pushing his clients as far as they need to go in order to reach their goals.  That said, you now have a feel for what a workout with Scott is like; intense, positively reinforcing, educational, and at times, exhausting.